Vision X: Shocker Dual-Action LED Light Bars

Available in three models (Amber, Race Amber, and White) and four lengths (12, 20, 30, and 40”), Shocker dual-action LED light bars from Vision X let you adjust output to match changing driving conditions with the flick of a switch. Shocker bars can dominate at a distance with Vector Reflector Technology (VRT), which provides broad spot lighting at high speeds, or in a wide elliptical capacity with their Photon Light Core (PLC), which lights up the edges of the road.

The Amber PLC penetrates dust and fog and reduces shadows and white-out, while the Race Amber version emits maximum brightness thanks to a special LED chip configuration. The White PLC version ignites an ultra-white, bright-white beam to clearly see trail and road edges, with more than 170 degrees of illumination.

Vision X Shocker dual-action LED light bars feature race-inspired wing mounts for easy installation and light-angle adjustment, IP68/69K watertight housing, and a moisture vent to ensure maximum output. Perfect for a variety of UTV, truck, Jeep, and racing applications.


  • For truck, Jeep, racing, and UTV applications.
  • Flip of a switch toggles from long-distance broad spot to wide elliptical.
  • Penetrate dust, fog, shadows, and white-outs.
  • Available models: Amber, Race Amber, and White.
  • Available lengths: 12, 20, 30, and 40”.
Vision X Shocker LED Light Bar

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