Ford Vehicle-Specific Brochure

Vehicle-Specific Brochures: Wish Books That Deliver

Total Truck Centers’ Vehicle-Specific Brochures (VSBs) are full-color wish books for every major platform: Chevy/GMC, Ford, Jeep, Ram, and Toyota. Designed to help retailers and installers make targeted sales presentations to vehicle superfans, VSBs give you the power to inspire customers with the hottest products from the biggest brands going into every new year. Products are listed unpriced, so you can provide quotes for the parts alone or with installation included.

Measuring 8” x 5.5”, VSBs are perfectly sized to hand out in-store, use as local mailers with your store imprint (blank space included for personalization), or leave on the front seat or in the glove box of your customers’ vehicles.

Total Truck Centers™ sales flyer subscribers automatically get 500 VSBs for each of the five truck brands. Non-subscribers can still purchase the catalogs. Don’t want brochures for every line? You can get VSBs just for the brands you sell. Call (888) 251-4252 or email for more information!

Ford Vehicle-Specific Brochure

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