Race Sport Lighting (RS8BASP): 8-Button Digital Switch Panel

The new 8-button digital switch panel from Race Sport Lighting features some amazing switching capabilities for your complete lighting system. The RS8BASP switch panel can control up to eight auxiliary lighting systems and comes with a sticker sheet so that you can custom-label your setup.

The ultra-slim touch panel installs easily in your desired slots, while the indigo-blue LED lighting is a nice touch on the face. Users will appreciate a voltage meter for monitoring total voltage in the system, and they can run up to 30-amp auxiliary lights through the panel.

Race Sport Lighting even included a bonus function: in addition to tapping a switch once to turn a light on, you can tap it twice to create a strobe effect!


  • Control up to eight auxiliary lighting systems.
  • Logo stickers help you create custom labels.
  • Ultra-slim touch design installs easily.
  • Indigo-blue backlighting.
  • Includes total voltage meter.
  • Run up to 30A auxiliary lights.
  • Hit a switch twice to create a strobing effect.

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Race Sport Lighting 8-Button Digital Switch Panel RS8BASP

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