ARIES ActionTrac: The Next Generation of Powered Running Boards


ARIES ActionTrac™ powered running boards are unique from other powered side steps because they are actually two steps in one. The patented step-within-a-step™ design, simple-2-install™ no-drill brackets, no-splice wiring, smart control module, and weather-resistant construction truly make these retractable running boards an asset for the off-road truck or Jeep.

ActionTrac™ powered running boards have one 4” wide step on top of the main housing and one 3” wide step that automatically deploys as needed. When the door opens, the control module deploys the power step 8” below the main step and up to 15” below the doorsill (depending on model). ARIES’ two-step design offers enhanced safety and easier vehicle entry and exit, especially on large, lifted vehicles. It is also helpful for families with young or elderly passengers.

Rather than folding up and away underneath the vehicle, the ARIES ActionTrac™ contours to the rocker panels, providing extra protection against door dings and small road debris. And because the power step folds up into the main housing, everything is contained and shielded from the elements. The power step, pivot points, and all internal electronics stay well protected from rain, mud, sand, snow, and more.

Finally, the additional top step provides much easier access when engaging the roof of the vehicle for cargo or cleaning.

All ARIES ActionTrac™ powered running boards are engineered with a simple-2-install™ system, and each set is made for a vehicle-specific installation and a custom fit. Using preexisting factory holes, the brackets eliminate drilling on virtually all models (some Ram applications excluded). They also do not require any splicing into the factory wiring. The boards, control module, and magnetic sensors comprise a self-contained unit.

Constructed from powder-coated aluminum to be rigid, lightweight, and non-corrosive, ARIES ActionTrac boards boast a 650-pound static weight capacity and operate with a quiet, maintenance-free rotary motor for lasting dependability.


  • Patented step-within-a-step™ design for easier access, especially on large vehicles.
  • Patents US 9771024, US 8833781, D718195, D751953.
  • 3” powered step automatically drops 8” when the door opens, up to 15” below doorsill.
  • 4” top step provides convenient access to the roof of the vehicle.
  • Rugged housing shields retractable step, pivot points, and electronics from the elements.
  • Contoured design helps protect the rocker panels from road debris and door dings (not a substitute for rocker bars).
  • Simple-2-install™ system with no-drill brackets and no-splice wiring (some Ram applications require drilling).
  • Powder-coated 6061-T6 aluminum is durable, lightweight, and non-corrosive.
  • Integrated control module detects obstructions and eliminates pinch hazards.
  • Single rotary motor for fast, quiet, maintenance-free operation.
  • Integrated LEDs activate on deployment for added visibility and safety.
  • Rated for 650 lb. static weight capacity (limited to mounting structure).
  • Made in the USA with a limited lifetime warranty.


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