Edge Products (98618): EAS Data-Logging Kit

The EAS (Expandable Accessory System) allows you to connect and display multiple accessory sensors, daisy-chain style, to customize the CS2/CTS2 to your specific vehicle and needs. Don’t add clunky gauges when you can have the clean look of dozens of display parameters on a single device using Edge’s EAS.

Edge Products’ 98618 EAS Data-Logging Kit is for the ultimate diesel enthusiast! This kit gives users the ability to monitor EGTs in two different locations, two 0-100 PSIg boost sensors, and two -40F to 300F temp sensors for unmatched monitoring.  This kit is designed for truck owners who have upgraded turbos and other mods where the stock sensors just aren’t enough anymore. Truck owners who use trucks for dyno competitions, sled pulls, and drag racing need this kit. Fine tuning these trucks can be difficult, but with the Edge EAS Data-Logging Kit you can log runs, view logs, and make adjustments as needed for maximum performance.


  • EAS Starter Kit
  • Two EAS EGT Probes
  • Two EAS Universal 5 Volts
  • Two EAS 0-100 PSIg Pressure Sensors
  • Two EAS -40F to 300F Temperature Sensors

    Edge 98618
    Edge 98618

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