Brandmotion (TRNS-2110): Transparent Trailer Rear Vision System

Driving and backing up a trailer comes with all the obvious sight limitations and safety concerns. Get those gone with the Transparent Trailer Rear Vision System from Brandmotion. This cutting-edge innovation replaces your existing rearview mirror with a live-streaming HD video screen, providing a crisp, clear view with no obstructions of cabin or trailer. Compatible with trailers up to 65 feet long, the TRNS-2110 system installs a single camera on the end of the trailer, with a harness running to the trailer hitch and ending in weatherproof connectors that detach easily when the trailer needs to be separated. The resulting image displays edge-to-edge with virtually no latency.

This Brandmotion Transparent Trailer Rear Vision System kit includes the camera; quick-disconnect, truck-to-trailer harness, a 10-meter vehicle-side harness, 20-meter trailer-side harness, and a 9.66” display “mirror.” Some vehicles may require an adapter.


  • Assists with backups for trailers up to 65’
  • Replaces rearview mirror with 9.66” edge-to-edge, industrial-grade, HD video screen
  • Weatherproof, quick-disconnect connectors
  • IP68-rated camera
Brandmotion Transparent Trailer Rear Vision System TRNS-2110

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