5/50 Warranty

5/50 Warranty

5/50 Warranty gives participating jobber resellers a marketing advantage in two ways. First, it allows them to offer an assurance of performance and product service life to their customers. Second, it gives resellers a selling feature that doesn’t rely on price; this is especially important in an environment where MAP and unilateral pricing exist.

5/50 Warranty applies only to specified products from certain brands sold by participating Total Truck Centers resellers who purchased them from a Total Truck Centers warehouse distributor.

5/50 Warranty is available for $29.99/month to Total Truck Centers resellers signed up at the Silver level, and is FREE to those signed up at the Silver PRO, Gold, Platinum, or Platinum PRO level. To offer 5/50 Warranty at more than one location, each location beyond the first—even for a business on the PRO, Gold, or Platinum level—costs an additional $10 per month.

The Basics:

  • 5/50 Warranty extends manufacturer warranties to 5 years or 50,000 miles, picking up where the OE warranty ends.
  • 5/50 Warranty is available only to local brick-and-mortar stores (e-commerce transactions not covered).
  • 5/50 Warranty follows the OE warranty's provisions.
  • 5/50 Warranty covers the original purchaser against defects in materials or workmanship in the product only (i.e., product failure). It does not cover labor costs or loss of use.
  • Refunds may be issued if a suitable replacement no longer exists.
  • To be warrantied, products must be registered at time of sale.
  • Before offering 5/50 Warranty, confirm the eligibility of the part number by visiting theaamgroup.com/warranty and entering the part number.
  • For warranty claims or help please call (888) 251-4252

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