Piusi USA

3901 Anglers Ave
Fort Lauderdale , FL 33312
Phone: (954) 854-1552
Fax: (954) 584-1554

About Piusi USA

We supply the world's leading markets with top-quality, professional and easy to use products and complete solutions for transferring, refilling and measuring lubricants, fuels and liquids such as gasoline, diesel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), AdBlue , oil, water and grease. PIUSI products have many different uses such as monitoring and transferring fuel at trucking companies, refueling of agricultural vehicles, transferring fuels in construction and mining for heavy duty vehicles. The products are intuitive and easy to use; are suitable to be installed in a variety of contexts; are all Made entirely in Italy; and all products express the innovation, quality, professionalism and R&D that have always distinguished PIUSI.

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