CargoGlide: Truck WallSlide System

With the Truck WallSlide system from CargoGlide, you won’t have to worry about getting in and out of the back of your truck ever again. The Truck WallSlide provides a more efficient way to store and access a diverse array of tools, equipment, and packages—in addition to avoiding unnecessary injury. The system’s steel framework mounts to the inside of various truck applications; you can even add a weather canopy to keep your tools safe from rain and snow.

CargoGlide Truck WallSlides feature aluminum walls that slide out manually or with the push of a button—the smooth motorized racks extended at average chest height. They are sold bare, allowing you to customize them with shelving, bins, and containers to fit your specific needs.

For a complete storage and retrieval system, consider adding a rolling CargoGlide tray to your truck bed and a sliding ceiling canopy. You can even light up your load with bright LED strips to more easily find tools in the dark. Each wall boasts a 500 lb. capacity and improves vehicle safety, efficiency, and cleanup. Take some of the work out of work with a Truck WallSlide!

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