CargoGlide: CG1000XL Sliding Truck Bed Tray

Designed for work, play, and life in general, the CG1000LX Sliding Truck Bed Tray from CargoGlide provides total access to your cargo—without breaking your back or forcing you to jump in and out of the bed. With models available for all major truck brands—including Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota—the CG1000XL boasts a real plywood deck with a TPO-laminated surface for added strength and durability; a sturdy steel frame; and 4” high, powder-coated extruded aluminum side rails with integrated full perimeter tie-down tracks and adjustable eyebolt tie-downs.

CargoGlide ships the CG1000XL preassembled and rated with a 1,000-lb. capacity. Includes 8” high-side extensions on the first four feet of the rails at the cab end to help you contain even more cargo. Custom sizes available!

  • 1,000-lb. capacity and 100% extension.
  • Steel frame, aluminum side rails, and laminated rubber plywood deck.
  • 20 industrial cam follower needle and ball bearings.
  • Sold preassembled.
  • Full perimeter tie-down tracks and 4 infinitely adjustable eyebolt tie-downs.
  • Includes 8” high-side extensions for enhanced cargo containment.
  • Custom sizes available!

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CargoGlide: CG1000XL Sliding Truck Bed Tray
CargoGlide: CG1000XL Sliding Truck Bed Tray

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