AAM Posters: On-Demand Images for In-Store or Digital Marketing

Total Truck Centers’ lifestyle posters capture the spirit and energy behind the automotive aftermarket, the vendors who serve it, and the enthusiasts who live and breathe it. Our retailers and installers use these exciting print pieces to start conversations and create the right sales environment. But what if you want more than one copy or need a digital version to use on your website or in an email?

Now you can have it.

Located in the Insight™ account system, the AAM Posters portal gives you convenient access to our complete library of lifestyle posters as well as the collector’s edition art that accompanies our newsletters. You can search by program, time frame, and vendor to find the exact piece you’re looking for. Print as many copies as you need, download the images (at premade and custom sizes), or link to them in your digital efforts.

If you don’t have an Insight™ account, sign up in minutes for FREE at totaltruckcenters/rs.


  • Quickly download or print dynamic lifestyle posters and art.
  • Search by program, time frame, and vendor.
  • Choose the desired size for your image.
  • FREE access for Insight™ users.

Ready to buy? Need help with the install? To find your nearest Total Truck Centers™ affiliate, see our Store Locator. Or join the conversation at the Total Truck Centers™ Facebook page!

Though this is not a paid review, this content has been produced by The AAM Group™ in support of manufacturers with whom it has a business relationship.

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